History of King’s Stanley

Peter Griffin (1943-2020) lived for almost his whole life in King’s Stanley.

His book, History of King’s Stanley, is available now.

Peter Griffin’s book, History of King’s Stanley, which also covers Middleyard and Selsley, is the result of decades of meticulous research. The 400-page volume is an in-depth account of life in the village from pre-historic times to the present day, with illustrations and a comprehensive index.

Very many parish histories have been published over the past few decades, but few can rival this parish history in the use of sources. The author, Peter Griffin, was a familiar figure in Gloucestershire Archives over many years, researching all available references to King’s Stanley, his family’s ancestral home for over 400 years.

This book ranks alongside the work of the late Eddie Price on nearby Frocester as an example of a parish history written with an extensive knowledge of the area, the geography, geology, local traditions, and contacts with many families who had lived in the parish for generations. Only with these advantages coupled with meticulous research can a book of this quality be produced.

You can read the full review by John Loosely of History of King’s Stanley in the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society’s Transactions.

The gallery contains old photos from King’s Stanley, Middleyard and Selsley.

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